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Gardening and Ecology
Gardening as Ecology

      Throughout Eamon's personal journey within the field of restoration ecology and sustainable agriculture, he has spent much of his efforts attuning himself to the grass-roots side of the story. His professional worklife up to this point has centered around community-building in confluence with sustainability, largely centered around sustainable agriculture and utilizing circular systems (i.e. composting feeding back into the farm) that restore soil organic carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with food waste.


This brimming passion has taken him all around the world, from New York to California, Ireland to France and most recently the Hawaiian archipelago, where he worked as an organic gardener at several sustainable-living communities.

Building Gardens

Eamon's experience over the past eight years, working as a gardener, farmer and land steward at centers around the world has granted him a great variety of tools to understand and work with all the day-to-day operations of a living landscape.


Completing a two-year contract as a Land Steward at a center in Marin demonstrated how he could apply his professional skillset in constructing gardens in order to cultivate community and work with people from all walks of life. 


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